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Remote Teams Strategy

We will help you develop and implement a remote strategy that works for your company including the right team structure and composition, best utilization of resources, and best collaborative tools on the market. We rely on thoughtful and tested processes that allow us to make your team successful.

Talent Sourcing

We'll help you source and retain talent for your remote team(s) using our internal resources and working with various tech recruiting partners globally. Our expertise allows us to find and train qualified engineers & professionals, create seamless onboarding and provide continuous support.

Agile Coaching & Tools

Agile projects are twice as likely to be successful (on time and on budget). Once you have a remote team, Agile practices become a necessity. We can access your current process and suggest how to improve and implement Agile methodology, and increase effectiveness of your team(s).


We set up and optimize your remote teams to be efficient, productive and successful. We train them in the newest software development practices and modern Agile methodology. We can help take you current team remote, expand it with global talent and provide monthly support and training (on request).


Armix Group has over 10+ years experience helping businesses & organizations to set up and grow Remote Teams (Engineering, QA & Non-Technical). We’ve successfully worked with various startups, organizations and established companies to create distributed teams utilizing Agile methodology, best tools and practices. We’ve been able to optimize their remote teams’ performance and productivity. Our expertise in talent sourcing allowed us to find and train qualified engineers and create seamless onboarding.

How It Works

1) Initial Analysis

We schedule a video conference call with you to evaluate your needs, your current team (engineering or non-technical), scope of work & tools used.

2) Strategy & Tools

Based on the initial analysis, we recommend the best strategy for your remote team, e.t the best team composition & changes required (if any). Additionally, we provide feedback on current tools used and recommendations so the team can become fully remote.

3) Implementation

We help you implement the proposed remote strategy by working directly with your team. We train your supervisory and remote team members the best Agile practices and tools for successful remote work. We can also access your current process and suggest how to improve your practices and increase effectiveness of your teams.

4) Talent Sourcing

If your remote team needs additional talent, we help you every step of the way and hire qualified professional using our internal resources and working with various recruiting partners.

4) Training & Support

Upon request, we provide continuous support and training to optimize your remote teams to be efficient, productive and successful.

Our Clients


Arturas V., President (MonDevices)

Armix Group is an excellent IT consulting company. They instantly understood our needs and helped us build remote development and QA teams. Communication was easy, and there is extensive knowledge in their team. I definitely recommend Armix Group for any company in need of remote teams.


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Armix Group – Helping business set up and optimize remote teams!

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